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てあ・・・て・・・あり・・がとう・・・。 | ボレラミ
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えろ落書き※キャプション読んでください | すだち
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また会えたね | サヤサヤ
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春のカルテット★ナイぴょん | しヴぇ@スパコミ東6あ80b
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どこまでも | もぎた
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無題 | だむ
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GAH I got tagged on my side blog as well.

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Always answer the questions the person who tagged you and write your own questions.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people.
Rule 4: Actually tell them you tagged them.

What’s your favourite genre? : Rock / Pop

In which country would you like to live in and why? : Japan. It’s so nice and clean. It’s also very soothing and I feel safe.

What type of person are you? : Friendly and Trust Worthy.

What helped you keep going through life?
Music and friends.

what’s your favourite sport? (if you don’t have any, what’s your favourite music instrument? : Favorite sport; Volleyball. Favorite instrument; Bass guitar.

If you got 3 wishes, what would it be? :
Wish 1: That cancer didn’t exist. Wish 2: I lived in Japan. Wish 3: Everything wasn’t so bloody expensive.

What are your habits?:
Do everything half ass.

Tell me a short story :
…I don’t know what to write lol, I just woke up >.>

Type a random word :

Type a word that describes you the best : Patient

Name something you wish you had and something you’re glad about having : Wish I had a PS Vita. I’m glad to have my ipod.

Tag whoever wants to do this.

My Questions are;

  • Have you ever watched an entire anime in one sitting?
  • A popular video game you hate?
  • What is the most times you’ve re-played an video game?
  • What is an anime you regret watching?
  • Favorite Junk Food?
  • Have you ever dropped an anime, if so why?
  • Current manga series you’re reading?
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
  • Is there an anime you wish was more popular?
  • Favorite opening anime/video game song?
斎藤さん | もりなが
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スパコミ新刊サンプル | 苑@仕忙
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